Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is AgriOrigin based?

AgriOrigin is a US-based startup with an office in India.

2. How can AgirOrigin help me?

AgriOrigin attempts to set up the eco-system for commodity trading and to redefine the commodity supply chain. We provide a platform and services to buy and sell Agriculture produce with confidence.

3. AgriOrigin services?

With AgriOrigin, you can buy, sell commodities from around the globe with quality assurance. Our services include grading & Inspection, track and trace, logistics management, post-harvest credit, and controlled warehouse.

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4. What if I need help?

AgriOrgin is committed to providing the best service. We have our customer care executive who’ll help you and serve you 24/7.

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5. How can AgriOrigin get me the better price of my produce?

AgriOrigin platform allows both buyers and sellers to bid and get the best price for the Agriculture produce. We work at all levels to ensure good price bidding.

6. Can AgriOrgin help me in transportation and warehouse storage?

Yes AgriOrigin provides you with the Environment controlled warehouse storage and transportation.

7. Does International customers can also bid on the AgriOrigin platform?

AgirOrigin is a global company; we encourage everyone to use our platform to buy and sell the produce.

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