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When the seed of an idea takes root in the human mind, the possibilities are ENDLESS.

At AgriOrigin, we believe that technology and science-based innovation has the power to create a far-reaching impact on society, and is driving the future of agriculture. For us, problems like hunger and climate change have no place in today’s world. Given the rapidly advancing landscape of technology and human ingenuity, we built an infrastructure to combat these fundamental issues and create maximum value for our users. As a new leader in this domain, it is our responsibility to seize this opportunity to transform our vision into reality.


AgriOrigin is an intuitive platform that deploys the latest agricultural technology to help farmers sell their products to reliable industry buyers, FPOs and retailers for the fairest prices. We sought to empower farmers and buyers with a revolutionary solution to conduct trade smoothly, while being assured of the best quality produce and services. With a deep-rooted commitment to innovation, social responsibility and sustainability, we commenced operations from 2020. Today, over 10,000 farmers sell their produce on AgriOrigin.

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